Arrrrrr - we have ourselves a pirating crew that
enjoys plundering the seas is true.

On Mondays we sail with viewers like you
and on Tuesdays we try our hand at all
that is new (well to us at least)

Grab yer tankard and fill it with grog...we hope
to entertain yer tired soul!

 - Join in the fun - join the Discord Channel for audio and
then sail with us on Mondays or watch the chaos unfold on Tuesdays.

El Gato Pub streams regularly Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 8PM and Midnight Eastern Time -

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Sea of Thieves Pirating



Serving up grog in the evenings and slooping during the day.

Join me if you can as I learn my way around pirating...although as a Pirate Legend I have much share I have just as much to learn on these unforgiving seas.


composed and sung by Fenwa Teryen

Gatos at Sea Shanty



Happily sailing and creating content wherever we
go.  We are always looking to find ways to
share our pirating experiences with  all
seafarers and landlubbers alike. 

We start from the beginning and drive through
progression...if you ever wanted to know
what SOT is like from
the start...we got ya grog!

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