Sat, Aug 28 | Fallout76 - CLAWED Kitchen Studio

CLAWED - an el gato pub cooking competition

Let's see what you got!! All the recipes? Know where to farm? Get into our cooking studio and win some ATOMS! Both XBOX and PC
CLAWED - an el gato pub cooking competition

Time & Location

Aug 28, 9:00 PM EDT
Fallout76 - CLAWED Kitchen Studio

About the Event

CLAWED Cooking Competition

Fancy this Feast GATOS!! 

Premise: Six contenders (three in each match) will be given random secret ingredients they must use in one of any level of recipes (ie 2, 3, 4 or 5 ingredient recipes) and one libation. You will have to source and cook these recipes before the clock runs out.  

Details: All contestants are given the secret ingredient for each round (i.e. Squirrel for App and Beer of Choice, Mirelurk for Main Course and Beverage of choice and Soot Flower for Tea and Dessert of choice)  

Appetizer Round |  Appetizer + Beer  | 10 Minutes 

Entrée Round | Main Course + Non-Alcoholic Beverage | 15 Minutes 

Dessert Round |  Dessert + Tea | 5 Minutes 

Contestants are required to figure out which recipes they can cook with the secret ingredient. You can use any recipe you have, the more complex and relevant the recipe you choose to cook in the time given the more points you get.  First one back who completes the recipes within the time limit and places it on the judging table wins the timed round. The beer is first as you will have to give it to Shredz for fermentation.  

Overall winner of the first match-up will go up against the winner of the second. 

Competition Location: Large Competition Kitchen and Grillmaster Competition area overlooking the Sundew Grove (same location as the GATO) 

Important Logistics: 

• We will be on a PRIVATE server.

• Team one will hop on first. The winner will stay on the server as the next team hops on.

• There will not be any stash boxes at the studio.

• Please remove ALL food items from your stash before competition.

• We will be implementing Cat Fight Night rules in that we will be checking your stash and person before game time.

• You will be given 500 caps each for fast travel.

• There will be “Pop-Up” challenges for extra points if you need them, be prepared with an intimate knowledge of the map

• PVP will be initiated – Please have Pacifist Off – Some secret ingredients are in limited supply in the Wasteland.

• OBS Ninja will be required to have your game feed on screen.  If you have an new Series X we will test a newer version and if it is not stable I will bring in your stream feed via Discord or XBOX App. (this testing will happen the week before please let me know what day works best for everyone…)

• FINAL Match-up will consist of a final secret incredient selected by the Chat and a secret ingredient beverage.  Time will also be selected by the Chat.

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How many days will I be involved in the fights?

For this event...just the one except if you want to hop on for training before hand.


Do I receive anything for participating?

Yes. Everyone gets a Cat Fight Nights Loot Crate and 500 Atoms. Runners up receive 500 Atoms and the winners receive 2000 Atoms along with a Legendary Weapon.



What happens if my level is different today than on fight night?

Your level match up is determined by the level you sign up with at the time of registration...chances are that others will be leveling up as I try to get as close as possible and Cat Fight Night rules usually balance out any level advantage.


Are mutations allowed?

We require a full strength Rad-X every 10 minutes as that will remove ALL of your mutations for those 10 minutes.


Is there a place for all fight information and communications?

All the contact information and Discord audio etc will be sent out as soon as we have a full registration and confirmation from all contenders. It includes press event, XBOX GT, your match up, rules, recommendations, qualifiers and finals info.


What happens if I disconnect during a fight?

If you are fighting and you disconnect (depending on the length of time) we will either move on to the next set of fighters until you are able to reconnect...there will never be a disqualification in the event of technical difficulties...only for violating the rules or behavior that violates our twitch chat rules.


What Power Armors are allowed?

All of them...we will match you up in the different power armor categories.


Will I have fun?

Hell yeah!!! To watch some of the action from past tournaments go to and be prepared to get your heart rate pumping!!!


If I have friends who are spectators and watching can they somehow participate?

YES. We have in-chat betting and giveaways for every fight so there are lots of winners. And yes, the fighters can wager on others (no themselves) and enter in-chat giveaways.