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Brawler League

Welcome to the

Cat Fight Nights "Brawler League"

This is where we list all the events that are part of

Cat Fight Nights including all the rules and the registration forms for each.

As we are now open on both XBOX and PC make sure you register for the correct event and check those dates!

Good luck Gatos!!! Sharpen those claws!





  • Fighters are paired up based on PA class

  • No legendary armor allowed, modifications are allowed but must not include MedicPump, JetPack or StealthBoy

  • Power Armor Cat Fight Night Rules Apply

  • Two match ups - Summer and Holiday (ONLY ON XBOX)

  • Best of 10 rounds must win seven

  • PURSE: Atoms provided to all registrants

  • Guaranteed adrenaline rush and tons of fun





  • Fighters are paired up based on weight class

  • Unarmed Cat Fight Night Rules Apply

  • Qualifiers will be in Winter and Spring on both platforms setting up for the Finals in the Fall with the Grand Championship happening the following January

  • Qualifiers will be best of five rounds, must win four

  • Finals are best of 15 must win eight

  • Loot crate provided to all registrants

  • PURSE: 4000 Atoms to Finals Winner, 1000 to runners up and 500 to all registrants minus those who move on

  • Guaranteed adrenaline rush and tons of fun





  • Two pre-determined teams of fighters – One Specd for Unarmed and the Other for Melee (builds checked at the door)

  • Standard Cat Fight Night Rules

  • Fighters will be given a shielded harness to wear

  • Rounds will be a timed three minutes

  • Teams choose first fighter to go in the ring.

  • Chat chooses weapon to be dropped at random interval and can only be used for 30 seconds at which point it will need to be dropped.

  • Fighter in ring can tag out and bring the other fighter in at any time by hitting the fireman bell in the corner, at which time the second fighter hops into the ring.

  • The first fighter can no longer go back in the ring for this round and the second fighter must finish the round.

  • Weapon dropped must be used by both fighters in the ring at the time of drop regardless of build.

  • Winner will be last Gato standing…or the one with the least damage at the end of the three minutes.

  • PURSE: 500 Atoms to all registrants

  • Second round – Fighters switch.  First one goes second etc.

  • Best of 10 rounds

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